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Brake and Power Steering Fluid Question

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I am looking to do some fluid maintenance on the car since they have been in there for 5+ years.

For the brakes I imagine any old DOT3 should work as stated on the cap, or does it need to be something more specific?

For the power steering, I have the red cap and I believe it takes Dexron II red fluid. I have a few bottles of Mopar ATF+4 (Dexron 4 if I am correct) from a PT cruiser I worked on. Can this be used or is there something more specific?


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It calls for Dexron III so I only used the Dexron III specific or one that is backwards compatible be sure that it says Dexron. I also used about 4 oz of Seafoam Automatic Transmission tuneup...

For brakes, I learned years ago that not all dot 3 is the same. I would do a flush of the system and use a synthetic as it is less hydroscopic than regular brake fluids.
It doesn't seem to rusticate the Wheel Cylinders or Calipers. Also use PTFE tape on the bleeder ports, that is cover it from threads to pointy end then Pierce the hole in the port to allow bleeding, they won't rust seize if the rubber cap falls off.
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Thanks Brian,

I went to the dealer and picked up the VW/Audi Dot 4 class 6 fluid and VW/Audi power steering fluid G 004 000 M2. The parts guy told me this is the new fluids they carry. Will these work in the cabriolet? I plan to do a full flush of both systems, or as good as a flush as I can.

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Can't say for sure, but I do know that Dexron II was the original OEM and Dexron III was the replacement. So I have been using Dexron III in my power steering with no ill effects (the seafoam ATF can quiet it down a wee bit.).

For Brakes I usually go with Full Synth now from where ever I buy parts. Never was too crazy about VW Fluids since the pushed the anti-gel for about 30 bucks a can and 2 capfull were all I needed..... Well when I Gelled, and read the label, then the Owners manual and that stated that it was ok to blend 2 gallons of Regular gas per 8 gallons of Diesel,,,,,,well lets say I never gelled my attitude to VW and Fluids was tossed out the window.
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