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Here are all my how-tos by category, remember, they are 1990 Cabriolet for most of them but they all apply to the MK1 Generally.


HOW to ask for HELP.

Convertible Top

Cheaper Rear Cable (cost effective)

Top frame Seals:

Replacing your Top, that pesky rear cable.

Top Boot Cover Strap Upgrade.

Rear Cable that I can endorse.

Rear Cable Lubricant for Cloth tops.

How I install convertible tops.

Installing your top padding kit.

Installing your head liner.

Replacing your rear window.

How to make your own rain gutters.

"A" pillar gap repair.

Wind Noise at the leading edge.

How to clean your "A" pillar seal.

Cabriolet top pad measurements.

Ez-on top replacement instructions.

"A" pillar door seal repair, stop the drip.

Where to oil your top frame.

Cheaper replacement top struts.

Top latch removal

Make your own rear cable.

Improve and make your own side tension cables.

Brake Reference Pictures.




Inside of a fuse box

Definitive Radiator fan operation explained:

Basic Electrical Tools for most common Repairs/Diagnosis.

Improving your grounds 93 digi.

Improving your cluster grounds.

Electrical Primer

Parasitic Drain Video


Repairing your Fuel Sending unit.

Headlight/Marker light out with Key out.

Repairing Mylar runs to the 10V Stabilizer. (Or Backfeeding the Voltages to the gauges.

Replacing the Ignition Switch in 90is Cabriolets.

How to remove your automatic starter.

My Wipers work, but the washer don't.

Relaying your headlights.

Installing a a/c cut-out switch.

Removing your non-york Alternator

Cabriolet Bulb replacement numbers

1985-1993 Radio Wiring pairs

1990-1993 Automatic no crank warm or cold

1990-1993 Testing your Water temp gauge

Repairing your flaky water temp gauge.

The smarter fuse:

Repair your rear window defroster lines:


Radiator return upgrade.

Leaky Heater Valve, and beefing it up.

Swapping in a 2.0L 36mm Oil pump. Heads up.

How I hate plastic parts:

How I converted from r12 with r134a:

Definitive Radiator Fan Circuits explained:

How to flush your radiator:

How to replace your Valve cover gasket 1990-1993

How to change your water pump 1990-1993 Cabriolet

How to tighten a squealing a/c belt.

Triming your Radiator Shroud easy on/off.

How to change your in-tank fuel pump 1984.5-1993.

Additions to Ron's Digifant Single Fuel Pump Conversion.

How I change the plug wires.

How to install a external oil cooler.

Digifant Intake tube repair.

Create your own dual down pipe:


Leaky Car Syndrome fixes:

Another Leaky Knee Fix.

Swimming Pool in Front Seats.

Where is my top leaking.

Where is my trunk leaking.

Why are my feet Getting wet, all I did was change the antenna.(Drip Stop Loop)

How to un-bolt pivot windows hardware.

How to install your new outer scraper kit (cabriolet)

Where Do I Place Jack Stands

How I clean my Cabriolet.

Door Check repair.

Door Check Repair 2, Brianos.

Removing your Flag Mirror Glass

How to remove your rear hatch lock to rekey it on a Cabby.

Repair your broken Grill Tabs

Installing Front windshield videos

Saggy door fix.

Hood Vent Debris Guard, Let's keep those rain drains clean.

Factory Paint in a rattle can

Repair a broken grille mount.

Using a non-powered door in a 1990-1993 Cabriolet

How to make a debris guard for the hood.

How to remove and regrease your door latches.

How to gold leaf your badges.

How to remove your inner lights on a quad grille:


Every Vent fix I have ever thought of.\-Whistleing-Vents

Cold hand whistling vents.\-Whistleing-Vents

Briano's solution to no cupholders.

Rear seat back pull replacement.

Repairing your Seat bottom Bolster foam.

Removing your Head rest to remove or replace the cover.

Removing your Seat Back cover to repair the Bolster.

My B-Pillars are dull.

Making a Parcel Shelf.

Cabriolet Trunk Lid Key Lock cover.

How to remove a door card and adjust the window and stop.

How to repair broken trunk card board.

Where is my trunk leaking:

2-door/Cabriolet seat back release cable repair.\Cabriolet-Seat-Back-Cable-Replacement

Floppy vent fix.

Repair your Heater control pivot.

A/C thermoswitch Slider pops out of the Arm.

Repair a broken heater control mount.

Replace your chewed roll bar foam

Seat rocks and is hard to slide.

Cabriolet Fascia mounts broke?

How to safely remove your center and side vents.

How to replace your slow seat belt retractors.

How to remove your Hood Hinges.


Broken sway bar strap fix.

How to replace your rear struts:

How to replace bushings with no press.

Beefing up your Strut Mounts.

How to replace your front struts, and mounts.

How to keep the rear lower shock bolt from seizing.

How to remove a power steering pump.


How to remove and replace a torque convertor seal.

How to change a differential seal:

How to make a cheap weighted shift rod.

Automatic Transmisison Service guide.
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