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Bulb Out Warning Light On

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2007 Rabbit starting to show electrical gremlins?

With headlight switch on car running and with headlight switch on car not running:
No license plate lights but bulbs are OK.
No lower door sill lights (not sure they are even lights maybe just reflectors? Little red "L" shaped cover?)

Been over the car a half dozen times with a friend helping and can't find a light out anywhere.
Yes, even checked the "half - circles" on the brakes etc.

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Inside your headlight your low beam headlight is a little tiny bulb it's about 10 watts very dim hard to see but you have one in each headlight. My 2008 has the same bulb out warning light and that's the bulb that's out. I don't know what kind of bulb it is it's not listed anywhere in the manual but it's very small. Hope this helps.
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