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Bunny Love

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Hi Guys, My 2007 rabbit is giving me grief again! the engine light was on, got a diagnostic on it and they said it was a large vacuum leak at the pcv system the diaphragm has failed and is leaking into the engine, I replaced that part along with new spark plugs almost 400 bucks this time, and guess what the light is back on and it seems like the engine is tugging in 2nd and 3rd gears and i also smell gas!!! I'm not sure what happened after that was all replaced. Could it be the air filter? i'm so confused, Help a bunny out please???? It did not do any of the smelling of the gas or the choking until after new plugs were and engine gasket were put in.
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Hi , Just a follow up the engine light went off when I added a fuel cleaner to the car also ordered a new gas cap as that may also be the problem it did not have the factory cap, but so far she is behaving, Also the car sits alot of the time and Ithink I need to drive it more to make sure the fuel doesn't sit! Peace and VWluv
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