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Hello Fellow Petrol/Project-Heads

I have this project that has taken a backseat to life and business.
It started off as a fun project with possible business potential, but kids, life and business relegated it to a non-priority, so it gathers dust until I have the time and inclination to take it further.
I am looking for a partner to reignite the flame and team-up to explore its potential.


(VW Buggy / Arial Atom)

It’s an Arial Atom replica based on a vw buggy chassis/pan
Subaru EJ20 2L turbo motor mounted to the stock gearbox (alternative motors or electric optional)
Cooling system installed with front mounted radiator
Mr Turbo or similar engine management
Custom tubular frame replicating the Arial Atom
Disk Brakes all around
Digital dash
Nosecone, rear panel with air-scoop intake & two side skirts. Wheel arches optional.
Custom wheel adaptors/spacers
Wheel adaptors accept 4x4 rims for wider rims and bigger offset. Alternative optional
Seats, sound, color and accessories customizable/optional
Hard or soft top optional

I have spent the time and money on R&D.
We can sell this in various ways locally and globally:
  • As a completed unit
  • As a total kit in pieces
  • Piece by piece as and when a DIYer may require
  • Plans/specs/instructions
To take this forward, we need to:
Build a simple jig on a buggy chassis to standardize and simplify the frame manufacturing.
Build molds for the body panels for ease of reproduction
Virtually everything else will be off the shelf items or copies of the R&D parts.
Conversion to lefty hand drive will be simple.
I may consider offloading the project and IP completely or partnering to take this project further as a team.

If you are interested in a partnership/collaboration or would like to buy one or have a market for these, please email me [email protected]
or whatsapp me on +278364542007
Johannesburg, South Africa



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