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To stop a leak at the "A" pillar vent finger seal from Shrinkage of the seal.

Look at your top where the door vent meets the "A"pillar seal.

There should be a overlap of the seal off the top of the "A" pillar over the finger seal on the door.
If there isn't as that the seal has shrunk and a gap is present.

You will need to build that area up a bit so there is a over lap that is covering the gap.

Clean the "A" pillar with alcohol or Brake-Kleen and a rag, cleanliness is a must to ensure a good bonding.
Cover the door Seal with Painters tape or Wax Paper.

So that when you close the door you have this.

Using Permatex Black Ultra RTV (Pretty much matches the color of the seal)
Build up the area in thin coats of RTV, and smooth it to the "A" pillar seal.

I do about 4 Coats here... Allow to DRY Completely for a day Longer is good too.

When you are done remove the tape and trim the edge to pretty it, and you will now have a Drip edge that is
overlapping the door seal, preventing water from getting in.
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