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How to remove your alternator.

Open the hood of your car.

You will see the alternator.

Remove the Positive battery connection and put on some gloves (keep the hands nice for the ladies).

There are 2 main bolts that you have to remove, the 13mm adjuster and the 6mm hex

Below is the 13mm Adjuster bolt that

The 13mm and 8mm main wires the blue is 8mm the REd or black is 13. There may be an additional 8mm case nut that you have to remove because there may be a ground wire attached to it.

The 6mm Long Allen bolt.

The 13mm nut off the Main power and the 8mm off the blue exciter.

I also get the bracket loose to move it out of my way 13mm

This is the LONG Straight Blade and Hammer comes in to play, if you don't smack it over you will have a "Dickens" of a time getting the alternator out.
Take a pry bar or long straight blade screwdriver and a hammer and smack alternator bottom pivot housing to the passenger side of the car, that loosens the binder and allows the alternator to be removed a bit easier.

Remove the belt from the pulley.

A quick wiggle and it is out.

To replace reverse the process but tighten the belt with a 13mm socket and a 22mm open end wrench.
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