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Well I have broke the mounting tabs on my fascia.

How I repaired mine was to take a short cut or 3.

I started out with a large paper clip. I cut the outside with a pair of diagonal pliers.
Bend it about the diameter of the hole then bend it up about 1/4 inch, and bend it again parallel to the

For the other side I decided to use a neoprene washer that you use in a faucet. Sizes vary, but this was about 1/2 inch one.

I forced the Washer in to the break so that it was snug on the fascia.

Mixing up my Favorite Epoxy JB-Weld qwick, I layered that in the back to cover the gaps and to hold the
washer in. For the front, I layered it in, but left a sufficient area so the head of the bolt wouldn't interfere with the Heater control plate.

Don't throw away those old disks, they make good mixing surfaces, and the epoxy rosins don't bleed through and you loose some of the strength.

Leave a stick in the remainder of the glue so that you know when it is hardened.
Even though it says five minutes, I usually give it 30.

Finished and installed, I use those washer trim screws, they are pretty neat for the additional grip.

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