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How to Replace your Chewed Roll Bar Foam.

The foam on my Roll Bar was Chewed and missing spots in it.
I have looked for the foam (self-sticky) to replace it.

I thought that I had found it in a clothed backed Neoprene, but
that was unacceptable as if you have ever used a Mouse Pad over the
years the cloth would peal off, it could get dirty, and if you used
Plain Neoprene it could darken your (rub off) your headliner.

So I cleaned the foam off the roll bar using a putty knife and
Brake-Kleen to remove the sticky residue that when you remove the foam that is left on.

I found a carpet locally after searching a bit it is indoor/outdoor carpet that was only 1/8 inch
thick (Looks like the smooth part of velcro. Smooth Boat Carpet.

I got it at Lowes Hardware / Lumber the Stock number is 291732 You only need a foot about 5 dollars.
They have it in 3 colors black gray and maroon.

I also purchased Plumbers Amazing Group about 4 bucks.

At Walmart I bought a 3 inch wide disposable roller and tray about 3 bucks

Trim the roller foam to 2 1/4 inch wide.

Laying the carpet flat on the floor I marked and measured a 2 1/4 inch wide strip 43 inches
long, and using a sharp (read new) razor blade made the cut.

Pouring about 1/2 the tube of Goop in to the tray

Roll the roller through it to evenly coat the roller.

Roll the roller on the Roll Bar and Evenly coat it, be sure that you get the
leading and lagging edges.

Clip the itty bitty end off the Goop nozzle and apply a thin bead next to the Rubber
seal on the Roll Bar.

Put more Goop in the tray, and apply a coat to the back side of the carpet strip

Allow to Tack Dry 5 to 15 minutes depending on Temperature and humidity.

A helper comes in handy to keep it from Sticking to itself while applying.

Place the leading edge of the strip against the seal.

Lay it Straight to the edge of the Roll bar pressing it flat as you go.
Do half at a time and when you shift to get to the other side (this is where the helper comes in to
hold it off the bar.

After you trim the 1/2 inch or so flush with the other end seal, use the palm of your hand to
smooth it out.

When you are done you can clean up any glue residue with spraying a rag with Brake-Kleen
and gently rubbing off.

Not bad for a 12 dollar cosmetic fix.
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