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Cam belt probs

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My cam belt snapped,,, happily it was just being turned over to examine the belt,, top cover was off

Anyway my problem,,,, since cam belt came off I never got a chance to mark anything. No problem with the cam shaft position but I can’t find any markings on the crank ( pulley 0ff ) and also the diesel injection pump ( also pulley off)

can anybody help,,,, photos anything please

polo 1997 deisel 1.9

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I guess you will need some tools for that, so I recommend you to read this article - There are many different information about cordless impact drivers.
Hi Guys, I want (need?) to replace the cambelt on my 2005 Polo 1.6 Petrol (150000km - about 100000miles). It previously had a cambelt change at 80000kms (+/-47000miles).
All the repair guys say that they will not replace the belt unless I replace the tensioner and waterpump. My car runs cool and there is no noise from the cambelt area. Is it required that these components also be replaced, even if the current components are working well? Thanks for any feedback. Barry
Before my Merc was hijacked (I live in South Africa), I was constantly on the Benzworld forum. When I asked for assistance, it usually happened within an hour or so. Seems that Merc owners are much friendlier and more helpful than VW owners. This is the second time I have asked for assistance, without a reply.
VW owners are just busier than Merc guys.

I wouldn't be so fast to be replacing the water pump unless it shows some slop side to side on the shaft. The repair guys are looking to get the work done as it is hitting a mileage/KM milestone mark. Not a bad recommendation actually.

But again an option for you to do it or not in my opinion.

As for the tensioner, yes a def replace if you are doing the belt replacement. They go hand in hand. Just keeps you from having to come back and spend extra dollars for pulling it apart and retiming and such in just a few short months. Keeps the service record on the same mark. That way you are not trying to remember all the different mileages when things were changed.

I would do the belt and tensioner and perhaps the pump if it was not giving good service.
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Thanks so much for the response. There is a bit of mechanical noise from the front of the engine and think it might just be the tensioner. I will ask the mechanic when he does the job to check on the water pump shaft clearance. As I am a pensioner, it will suit my budget best if I leave the water pump out this tme round.
Once again, thanks! Barry
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