My son has a 2000 Jetta VR6 that was gifted to his as his first car, and it runs okay, but sounded like a sewing machine. So.. for some father/son bonding time, we decided to dig into it to perform the customary lifter and timing chain guide repairs. Once we pulled the valve cover, we instantly found that main source of the problem... Cam lobe on the #6 is damn near flat! So in searching for a set of replacement cams, my search on the new and used market has been pretty fruitless. I have found many "street" 262 cam sets, but am apprehensive, because I do not want to have to do tuning to have the car run right and not throw codes.

That being said, the cam seems like a fairly common upgrade, so I am hoping maybe somebody has a set of factory "takeouts" they would be willing to sell.