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Can i change heads from one motor to another

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I have got a 1981 Caddy with 1.6l diesel. I thought I had a blown head gasket but it turn out to be a corner was broke off on the rear bolt. I bought another used engine and got my butt burner, low compression, around 290 psi. Ok my question is on the engine with low compression can I put the head on my good engine????
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I don't know why you couldn't, but you have to use new bolts and it wouldn't be a bad idea to have it checked for warpage by a shop.
You can use the ARP racing Stud kit and they are reusable instead of new bolts. as the regular bolts are not re-usable.

There were two styles of heads a 11 mm and a 12. the 12 is the better head.

I would also change the timing belt and tensioner at this time as well.
Thanks ---you are the man !!!!!
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