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Can't add another phone to BT connection (RNS510)

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Hi, my 2005 Golf R32 has a later head unit installed, an RNS510, when I collected the car a few weeks ago, the dealer paired my smartphone to it and the hands free is fine, works well with my phone. But I need to connect also some other phones to it (Only to use one at a time but for example my wifes phone needs to connect for when she is driving). Tried 4 different phones, none of them find the head unit when scanning for BT devices, I have gone though every menu in the RNS510 and can find no where to delete old paired phones, add new phones, make the unit discoverable, nothing - trust me I've gone through every screen and sub screen. Googling it show instructions that simply say to scan for it on your phone... done that, phone doesn't see it. I suspect the list of paired devices in the head unit is full. Any ideas as to where/how to add more phones and delete old ones? Cheers
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