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Can't Get This Damn Pulley Off

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Hey all,

So I'm pretty new to cars, working on my own for the first time. I own a VW Jetta 07 2.5L.

I'm familiar with tools, and I've read up on my vehicle drive belt system. I've replaced two idler pulleys and the upper belt tensioner. The pulley on the alternator is seized so I'm trying to replace that as well. I managed to disconnect some plastic runways and raise my engine a few inches to get the clearance needed to use a triple square spline with a 1/2" ratchet holding the alternator in place and the pulley spline tool with a 17mm wrench extended onto another.

The 1/2" ratchet is sitting against the frame. So really all I need to do is put all my leverage on the extended wrench, but it still hasn't broken loose. It's a bitch to get the alternator out to use an impact gun on it and I don't own one at the moment. Since the ratchet is sitting against the frame, I don't think changing it out with a breaker bar would change anything. I'm picking up a pipe tomorrow to leverage the wrenches but aside from that I'm pretty stumped. It's the last part of this job aside from putting on the new belt and charging the battery back up. Any ideas are much appreciated.

Here are a couple pics of the setup. Some bad news, I gave it another go today and it seems like the inner head is becoming stripped. Here's a video showing the inside. It's pretty rusted since it didn't have a dust cover over it, but it looks like there are still some teeth for the inner spline.

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I edited one of my pictures to show the orientation I'm applying force right now.

I heard on another forum I might have a reverse threaded pulley. Is this the correct orientation to take of a reverse threaded pulley? My replacement pulley looks right handed, but I could have the wrong part/be wrong about the thread.

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Force is being applied towards the front of the car for the ratchet, and towards the back of the car with the wrench.

I noticed the inside was a bit rusted so I have some WD-40 sitting in it right now. Might try to heat it up for a minute to see if it helps loosen it off. Before I try anything else, can anyone confirm the orientation I'm using?

Thanks for the help.

-A humble DIYer
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