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Car running rough, clearing codes fixes it

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I have a 2006 Rabbit 2.5L with 250k miles.

I’ve had some misfire issues. The car will throw codes p0300-p0305. But it will also throw p2196 and p02097.

All the coil packs and spark plugs were replaced recently.

The issue is the car will run fine for a while (maybe a few days). Then while driving it will start to run choppy, and it will misfire (flashing CEL). If I push in the clutch the idle is way down (around 500 rpm). If I pull over and clear the codes, the car runs great again. If I pull the plugs immediately after this happens all 5 are fouled (black).

Based on my p02196 and p02097 codes I assume I need to replace the o2 sensors.
My question is why can I clear the codes and make the car run good again? Wouldn’t a bad o2 sensor make it still run bad even after I clear the codes?
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