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Car shakes/judders violently

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I searched but only “balance wheels” posts came up, so I’m sorry if it’s been answered ??

The car is an 2002 VW Golf 2.0L GL, 4cyl Automatic. We’ve replaced fuel pump, alternator, O2 Sensors, crank position sensor, new plugs and wires, new ignition pack, fuel pressure regulator and rail(busted after new pump install). Throttle body clicks when the key on, engine off. No vacuum leaks. Clean MAF.

The car stays on but violent idle. CEL flashing, EPC light on. The second I try to put it in gear from park, it starts to violently shake/judder. When in park and the engine on, the second I try to turn the wheel, it violently shakes/judders and wants to turn off.

No smells, only sounds of cat getting damaged (lols)..

I’ve left the list of codes at work but I can update the post... anyone with these symptoms ?

I wish I could post a video ?

EDIT: 6/17 8:13PM
-link to car shaking
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Sorry I had just spotted your post, I had come across while searching for any post regarding flywheel issues.

My car (Jetta 1.4tsi 2013) too has issues with vibrations, misfires coil packs pcv valves and at least 5 treatments of walnut blasting and decarbonizing were done on the car.

Though the problems have lessen and It has improved but I still feel subtle vibrations under the seat this only happens when the car is idling.

I hope you have managed to resolve your issues by the way I spotted that beautiful Divine Mercy "Jesus I Trust In You".

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