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Hi all.
I joined this forum today as I've been looking in various places but cant seem to find anyone with the same issue. Im looking to sell the car soon so this problem i have is something i want to fix. ill try provide as much detail as possible.

The car is:
VW Golf 1.6 diesel. Bluemotion. March 2013

So, my problem is with the central locking on the car.
1. I cant deadlock the car (clicking it twice). it only locks on the one click. then about a minute later it will deadlock automatically.
2. when driving, the car will lock doors automatically when i set off. i think this is standard and was doing this before. however, it will lock the doors again a few seconds later once my speeds builds up. when i slow down to a stop, i think it unlocks. Basically i have this constant clicking noise when stop starting. its very annoying. sounds like its happening on all doors but its hard to tell.

It occurred right after Halfords had fixed some motor in the rear drivers side door for the window. the window was not working and it had this grinding sound. they fixed this, and immediately i noticed this problem. i took it back, they opened it up and looked but said they have touched nothing to do with the locking and couldn't see what any problem is. They suggested perhaps a software glitch. It seemed too much of a coincidence for it not to be related but they wouldn't accept responsibility.

If there is an easy fix i would like to try that first before paying for a diagnostic.

Any help would be great

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