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Certified or not?

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I’ve had a 2005 Passat TDI since 2005 and have 240k on the clock with minimal problems until the engine ate itself at 231k (lost the balancing shaft on a late night trip and I didn’t know to stop)... and I replaced the engine with one that apparently had other problems. So, im looking into “new to me” 2014 Jetta with 49k miles.

The question is, should I spend an additional $800 for the “CPO” designation? It’s already out of warranty and I’m not sure that it’s worth the minimal warranty it would provide as most of the issues that might arise would likely be related to the drive train and that is warranted (through the recall program) out to 150k.

Things to consider?

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CPO cars have to meet certain criteria such as good brakes, tires, accident free, new oil and filters, etc.
IF the car already meets the requirements:
$ better spent on performance/MPG improvement, no?
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