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Replacing the Differential seal on a Tranny.

Tools required.

6 inch 2 finger Pulley remover.
1 or 2- 10mm 1.50 pitch bolt.
1 or 2- 6-inch 10mm 1.50 pitch all thread
3- 10mm 1.50 pitch nuts
1- 10mm or suitable flat washer
1- 17mm headed bolt and 2 jam nuts.
1- 8mm Triple Square Socket

Suitable bar stock cut to fit the inside diameter of the flange
with a 12mm hole drilled center, I used my 3 finger pulley remover
sans arms as it fit great and it was laying about.

I have a Automatic transmission that the differential seals
are leaking since 2 Re-Maned Shafts broke.

Jack the car up and place on Jack stands.

Using a 17mm headed bolt and 2 jam nuts for the drain plug
Drain the OIL from the differential.

From under the car spray and clean the heads of the axle bolts

Place the 8mm TS tool in to the head of the socket bolt and tap home
with hammer (this fully seats the tool into the bolt preventing it from striping the

Separate the axle from the flange and tie up out of your way.

Using paper towels clean the Moly Grease off the cup, and wipe it back on the
axle shaft. If you want to wrap the axle shaft with aluminum foil to Keep the grease from getting everywhere.

Pry the cover off the shaft.

Remove the C-clip remove the compression washer from the shaft
Make sure that you know the direction of it.

Using a improvised pulley remover and a 10mm 1.50 thread bolt
insert the bolt into the output shaft.

Steering wheel puller worked great.

Using the pulley remover, remove drive flange from the axle shaft.

Pry the seal out of the unit.

Clean the area before placing the new seal into place.

Pack the seal with grease inside and out before

Using a piece of PVC pipe joint, tape the new seal in.
(the hollow side goes in, solid side out)

Replace the Drive flange on the output shaft and wiggle in a ways.

Thread in the 2 6" 10mm 1.50 all thread Place the bar stock or
tool over the bolt

I used 2 6inch all threads, and used 2 nuts to bind them, then welded them together. I used my Ford Lock plate tool
bent a bit to act as the press.

3 finger pulley tool worked just as good..

place the washer on the bolt followed by the nut (should be pushing out of the seal or cone shape out).

Tighten up by hand, then switch to a ratcheting wrench, or

You will tighten the nut until you can clear the Cir-clip grove
by the width of the Cir-clip, plus the thrust washer.

Using the 2 spare nuts jam them together to remove the bolt from the output shaft.

Replace the thrust washer, and the Circlip.

Seat the Seal over the output shaft.

Replace the Axle and Torque the bolts to
33 foot pounds.

Fill the Differential (automatics) with .8 qts of
90W gear oil.

Manual Transmissions require 1.9 qts of oil

You can fill the units via the speedometer
cable hole.

Carefully remove the speedometer cable off the transmission, DO NOT PULL ON THE CABLE
or you will remove it from the back of the speedometer forcing removal
of the dash to replace.

Remove the 10mm bolt, and remove the lock clip.

Wiggle or pull the gear out of the socket.

Fill as required.

Replace gear, clamp, and bolt.
Gingerly replace the speedometer cable.

Lower off jack stands.


Side note on Axles
When replacing the Axle back on, it literally fell apart in my hands. This is the 3rd Reman shaft that I have got that disentrigrated..... CARDONE SUCKS DO no Buy CARDONE shafts.

Buy new ones from German Auto Parts...... or a Local New Supplier, which I have found in ATL.
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