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So, my darling 3 year old child locked the doors from the inside read door by pushing the lock button today. I was outside of the vehicle and left the keys inside of it, as I was assured by my VW salesman that it was virtually impossible to lock them inside. I was completely locked out until my child decided to pull the handle from the inside. I have the child safety looks enabled (done by the VW dealership). Is there something more that I can do to keep this from happening again?? Other than, not leaving the keys inside. As it is a push to start vehicle and it throws an alarm when I take the keys with me, I assume the keys are to remain in the vehicle when running. Ideally, can I completely lock out the functionality of my kids door?

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If the child safety feature was enabled, the child CANNOT open the door with the
interior lever (handle). This is what it's specifically for preventing, so you did not
have the position set for child safety.

On the outside edge of the door, just above the latch, you should see a small circular cutout
with a lock inside. Insert your key into the lock and turn it toward the front of the vehicle.
This will engage the child safety lock. To disable the child safety lock, just turn it toward
the back of the vehicle instead.

The lock must be engaged individually for each door. If you would like both rear doors to have the
child safety lock engaged, be sure to open the door on the other side of the vehicle, turn the lock
toward the front of the car and you should be all set.
Sorry, if your kid was able to open the door with the handle, this was not done, and this
time you were lucky it was not done. When these locks are engaged, you cannot open
the doors from the inside, locked or not!!

In short NO, you cannot disable the power locks easily. Just try not to do that again. If one
child, they should be belted in the MIDDLE of the seat, not by the doors. Seeing also that
the child is THREE years old, they should be in a car seat (federal law), in the CENTER of the
rear seat, for SURE they are not reaching the buttons on the door. I have never had a kid
be able to reach the door controls from a car seat, and I had three boys, and now two grand
kids, and they can't reach the controls from the car-seat. If the child was OUT of the car
seat, then there is another boo-boo you made...

You would have to remove the door panels and unplug the harness for the controls. Then your
rear windows will not work either. You may be able to pay a VW Dealer to use VCDS to program
them out, then pay them again when you want it back...

I have push button start, and no alarm sounds when I walk away from the car while it is running
with my keys in my pocket, must be a later added feature.
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