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Cloth trimming coming off roof

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Hi all,

newbie to this forum.

i have a Tiguan that is 10 years old now. I just noticed today that the cloth trimming is peeling off the roof. Has this happened to anyone else? Disappointing that this is happening so soon. Does anyone know if VW has fixed this free of charge for anyone?

any advice would be most appreciated.

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Hi do you have a sunroof? From what I understand, when the headliner starts to sag it might be a sign of moisture.

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headliner sagging is not unknown to happen in VWs. I am unsure where on the globe you live but tends to happen more in climates that are warmer and have a seasonally high humidity index.

To find out if VW will cover it I would call around to area dealerships. as a DIY it's not THAT bad, there are a few DIY videos on youtube you can use to gauge if this is something you want to tackle on your own.
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