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Cooling Assembly Fan Noise Issue

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2015 Volkswagen Jetta SE PZEV w/Connectivity
1.8L L4 DOHC 20V

See video. These are the noises and vibrations I am getting continuously. Most all of the front end of the car pieces including fan assembly, A/C compressor, etc were all replaced after a front end accident back in the fall. This spring I started noticing this problem occasionally when coming to a stop. Now the issue has become more severe and persists continuously: in/out of gear, parked, moving, and even for some time after turning the car off. This occurs when the A/C is off and on and continues regardless of the in-cabin venting/intake combinations. I’m not 100% sure of the condition at high speeds because it’s difficult to hear or sense. You can see the sequence of sounds in the video and the majority of the noise is from the plastic rattling in the different areas shown: predominately in the area of the shroud flaps and the plastic on front of the compressor. Could someone help me identify what’s causing this best way to fix it. I would also like to know if it’s related to the repairs after the accident, etc. thanks. For any help, any help or advice is very much appreciated,_NC
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Looks and sounds like the radiator fan is hitting the shroud when it runs.
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