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I have a 2007 Rabbit I've had since it was only nine miles old. There are 82,000+ miles on the engine.

A few days ago I was running errands but not driving too terribly much that day when all of a sudden I get a warning signal that the car is about to overheat. I pull over immediately and call my daughter (UTI graduate). She said let it cool for about a half hour, get a jug of water just in case and when it cools drive it home and park it until I can have someone look at it. Most likely was too hot outside (107 degrees). I did just what she said and when it cooled down later I checked the water thinking it was bone dry. It had a full tank.

Drove to work the next day and it was fine, freeway the entire way pretty much. It was 106 outside but car stayed at 190.

On the third day, 103 degrees, running more errands using freeway for the last bit. Dropped down to city streets and within a mile car tries to over heat again several times so I parked it and called the dealership and AAA. AAA failed me so I waited until it got back down to 190 and hoofed it home to drop off my son the over to the dealership, barely made it in their driveway.

They told me they were going to do some pressure testing but only told me later that they didn't know what was causing the issue but the fans aren't working (duh!) possibly due to the temperature sensor switch being shorted out by the ignition switch and wanted $1,800 to get the fans running again to they could find what was causing them not to work.

I had it towed home and changed out the switch for $20. Today (100 degrees) running errands and the car tries to overheat again. Where do I go from here? What part needs to be changed? I need to go to work in two days so I need my car.
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