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Dash lights

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Hi gang, I'm new to the club and need some advice. I actually posted a reply to a thread by Thelastrabbit? a while ago but haven't heard back. I have an '07 MKV 4 dr. (or I think it's called a 5 dr 'cause of the hatch?) Anyway, recently all the dash gear lights light up (ie: PRND12) after 20-30 mins of driving. Nothing seems to be affected by this but I'm sure it needs attention? I've Googled the issue and have discovered very little info. My local "German" garage says it's out of their wheel-house. They don't have the technology to diagnose the issue. I'm loathe to call the dealership for fear of $$'s even if it's a non-issue. If anyone has any info/advice I'm all ears. Thanks in advance.
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