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Dash Vinyl

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Looking for a good recommendation for a glue to reattach pealing dashboard vinyl under the gauges and the glovebox cover where it’s peaked away. Hoping to get to it soon before it starts to split/crack.
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If you clean it Gorilla Glue might work but a little goes a long way.
Do you have any input on what type of Gorilla Glue? There appears to be about 6 types at the local O’Reily’s - whose employees had no clue...
The brown stuff that is for wood, not Super Glues or Cyanoacrylates. The original Gorilla Glue in a Brown bottle, it is Water Activated, and will set in a hour, it is also self expanding when activated, like Crazy Foam a little goes a long way, and you have to have clean areas as in clean both sides well get rid of any loose foam off the vinyl backing. IT is water activated and you have to wipe water on both parts, then clamp them in position with tape, clamps, bits of wood sticks to keep it together, use a paint brush to apply and I really mean a little goes a long way, to much and it will cause a blister...

I would suggest that if you haven't used it to do a few test runs, and remove all air from the bottle after each use.
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Briano1234 - thank you for the info, as always! You are a great help!!
Briano1234 - thank you for the info, as always! You are a great help!!
TYVM, while I was out cleaning my work bench I found 2 bottles of the gorilla glue, one was devoid of air and hardened (been used)
The other has been used and capped after being cleared of air, and capped and sealed with my method and it is still viable.

I had forgotten to seal the one bottle that hardened...... OPPS

Yes that should of been oops but that too was a mistook.
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