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Hello all,
I just wanted to plug a local company. I have been using GOM1221 degreaser for a bunch of years now. It is made by BNAC Environmental in Coquitlam BC.
I have left VW golf diesel intake manifolds in a pail of 25% GOM and 75% water and they come out spotless. Zero carbon left in manifold. I even put my second manifold in the very black solution and week later absolutely spotless as well. This is with carbon that's almost 1/4" think inside the manifold.
I have washed my Disco1 engine with a 50/50 blend in a pump spray bottle and leave on engine for 20 minutes and hose off with jet settings on garden hose and have a spotless engine.
This stuff is great and environmentally friendly.
Please look it up and you may be as impressed as I am.
I have even used it to clean my bbq grills.

Scott Urquhart
Heavy Duty Mechanic.

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