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Disarm horn when locking 2015 Jetta

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Has anyone had good luck disarming the horn honk lock “feature” on a 2011-15 Jetta? It’s so irritating. I went to the dealer last month for a 20,000 mile check up and the VW dealer service department wouldn’t do it for me. They said it’s against their policy.
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not sure if the Jetta is anything like my 15 Passat, in the information panel, go to Convenience Submenu and uncheck the box ATA Confirm it will disable the Beep.
Not my 2015 Passat LE, it has to be done using a good diagnostic scanner with capabilities to be able to change settings in the software.
Believe me I tried. The horn is very irritating, ticks off my neighbor every time I lock my car.
So I ended up taking my car to the dealer, and their software is now set so they can't disarm the horn any longer. It turns out you have to order the software and cable and do it yourself these days. I'll head to Amazon and come back with a full report once my horn is hopefully disabled. What a gross sound it makes every time I lock the doors.
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Thanks for a reasonable solution to this irritating problem.
Just want to follow up and let people know that Carista was able to silence the horn beep when locking the car. Now only the parking lights flash.
Other changes I programed for the Kessy remote:
1 press unlocks or locks all doors.
1 long press lowers all windows.

Also changed the number of flashes to 4 when lane changing.

All of these changes and many more options are available from the “Customize” menu in the Crista app.
Just google “caristaapp”

Thanks Matt!
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