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This will be my first post on the rabbit owners club, I hope it is well received. The following images are how I managed to fix the cord and ball combo on the back hatch cover. Like a dummy, I ripped the cord through the rubber ball when I opened my hatch. It seems to be an ongoing problem for a lot of hatch owners, so I thought I'd share my DIY. Also, there was no way I was going to pay the VW dealership $20 or so just to get a string on a ball. Here goes.


x1 OEM Rubber Ball
x1 18 inch length of guy-line paracord. (Similar to Paracord, can be found in most camping stores)
x1 Needle and some thread
x1 Bottle cap (any will do)

Scissors, Lighter

Time till completion, 10 minutes, cost...2 dollars??

Tip: I used a lighter to melt the ends of the cord together that would normally fray otherwise.

*Note: I could've gone without the bottle-cap but I thought that a simple knot would just slip through the ball again. Hence, the cap to nestle my ball in =D. I'm certain this diy will also work without the ball. Also, please disregard the little metal hook thing. I thought I would use this to hook it onto the knob but it was too fat.

Thread the needle and make a big knot at the end. Insert needle into para-cord parallel to the length. Thread para-cord through the ball. Enter the fatter side, and come out on the skinny side. Leave some length to work with.

Heat needle with a lighter and melt a small starter hole in the center of the bottle cap. Heat your scissors and widen the hole with one of the blades. Thread the bottom end of the para-cord through the bottle cap so that the ball will nestle in the cap. Tie a knot, any knot, to stop the cord from slipping through the bottle cap end.

Thread the para-cord through the hole on your hatch cover.

^^ The Underside (Nestled Ball)

Loop the para-cord and make a simple knot and then re-hook the cord to the little knob on the hatch door.

Finished Product
*Sorry about picture qualities, it was getting dark, and ISO 12800 was necessary to make it come out.

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welcome to the VWOC! you will find a ton of information here so make yourself at home!

Your pictures did not show on the post. Make sure and use the
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