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Do you CC me?

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Long story gets longer. Long time reader first time contributor. 2011 CC 2.0tsi -189677 miles or had. After rebuilding the engine at Volkswagen 2 times for timing issues now a rocker arm came apart and locked the engine yet again. Balancers locked with shavings or particles but on to the NEW. Volkswagen assets damages and didn't again take responsibility, as you may know, warranty was 1 day out on time but 3000 miles over AFTER I had taken the car into shop to discuss why my GPS on phone and external unit read I was travelling 4 mph slower than what the gauge on the vehicle read.
Well I said long story short, Volkswagen disassembled my car for diagnostic discovery once I was towed after being stranded literally 1 day before repairs went out of warranty. VW offered a $10,000.00 fix and I declined. Towing my car back out I now have a new transmission and a motor from a 2015 with a said 37k miles on it with an "unlimited no mileage restriction 3 year warranty" and the timing chain, tensioner, and seals where replaced and tested priorto shipping it to me. So now, the car is back together and running, well kind of. LIMP MODE kicked in while i was trying to solve the dilemma of figuring out how to install the 3 boxes of parts and accessories returned to me in the rear seats of my CC. So now I own a 2011 Volkswagen cc sport that has entire new drive train (including axles / cv joints) and can not finda confirmed way to reset the EPC limp mode for a throttle actuator.
I've come so far myself with my abilities and understanding, not to mention my at will choices investment being only $4218 doing this myself I prefer to remain free of the dealership to "reset" a code that I have, will or will be fixing. So, do I need to buy a remapping software or can this be done with "Volkswagen voodoo" as they say? And if remapping, I'd like to hear your product suggestions please. Thank you folks!
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