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Electric Engine Conversion

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Been contemplating an engine conversion for my 85 Golf Diesel. After repeatedly seeing the black soot spewing out of the tailpipe, I'm giving serious thought to converting to a lesser polluting gas engine or going full electric. Any thoughts on this are most appreciated!
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If the Diesel is Tuned ( as the ip is set, and or a Giles IP is used), and the Rings and Valves are in good shape there isn't much spewing of blacked soot out of the rear.
Converting a Diesel over to a Gasser isn't a Step up, it is a step sideways.
Going Electric in one is a Exercise in re-enforcement and conversion there are a few threads on the Various forums that I have seen over the years where folks have done this, and well the older wet celled Batteries take an inordinate amount of room, and Weigh a ton. The newer lighter LI/ion batteries have more current avail at a lighter weight, but still re-enforcement and limited driving time to me outweighs the change, after all a well maintained Diesel will still get you 50mpg with only one battery required.

I personally loved the smell of Diesel in the Morning....and with the block heater in the winter, instant heat.
Thank you for all your responses. I'm beginning to get discouraged over the conversion project noting the complication involved and terrific expense. Nonetheless, I'm intending on keeping the 85 Golf as long as I can, in whatever guise it becomes, as it once belonged to my dad. I'm sure there are those out there are keeping their vehicles for their sentimental value also.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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