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Morning, I'm in need of some advice, I have a vw beetle Y reg think its 2001, the heated seats, rear Demister, and the heated mirrors don't work. The rear window heater worked until I removed a website off the window, I know how careful to be removing this and I can't see no breaks in the lines soooooo here is where I need the advise, are these all connected somehow ?? Was it coincidence, that after I removed the website address that the rear window didn't Demist ? Or did it trip it self. Im contemplating buying the stuff to redo the rear window and try abit of diy ?? I'm nr Mansfield shirebrook and would love someone to look at it who has a passion for her, I don't wanna be charged hundreds of dolla if there's a trick of the trade for these things?? Any help would be greatly received.


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