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'06 Golf Mk5 2.0l
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Hi all at VWOC,

I have a mysterious issue/fault with my Golf Mk5 2.0l (non-FSI) that I was hoping someone on the forum might have some insight on. I suspect the issue lies somewhere with one of the two (engine block of bottom of radiator) Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) sensors for reasons below, but have not been able to confirm this. The fault is as follows:
  1. With the engine on (either idling or driving), the 'EPC' light will come on and the engine will 'blip' (basically lose power for half a second, not enough time to stall) for a moment and then the engine will continue as normal. (IMG_3584)
  2. This fault often occurs on cooler days (<15 degC) and occurs while the engine is warming up generally. These 'faults' often occur repeatedly about 30 sec to 1 min apart, each time doing the same thing as in 1. above. It seems that once the engine is up at > 80 degC the fault goes away
  3. I have connected up a cheapie OBD reader and can confirm that the vehicle logs a P0116 DTC Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor 1 Circuit Range/Performance error (IMG_3580)
  4. Also on my OBD reader, I have tracked the ECT temperature graph. When the fault occurs, the graph immediately spikes up to Max 215 degC up from the actual engine temp, and then seems to fail up in the high 215 degC reading. If I restart the OBD reader, the temperature graph returns to the expected temperature readings until the fault occurs again (IMG_3582)
  5. Once the ECM has logged the P0116 fault code:
    1. the radiator fan (larger of the two) runs constantly at a very high speed until I clear the DTC.
    2. the fault persists in the same way as described above
I have replaced both ETC sensors with new OEM units, the fault persists. I have taken the vehicle to an auto electrician who simply replaced the ECT sensors (after I had replaced them), cleared the DTC and sent me on my merry way, with the fault returning.
I was hoping someone here has had a similar fault and has resolved it with something of an 'Ah ha!' moment? Any input would be greatly appreciated - I have been puzzling over this one for weeks now!


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