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I have a 2012 Tiguan S 2.0T manual, with 130K miles. MIL flashes on cold startup, including some engine shaking, high idle (1200 RPM), and visible exhaust fumes. After about 90 seconds, MIL becomes steady, engine stops shaking, exhaust fumes disappear, and idle becomes normal (750 RPM). This happens only at cold start, and primarily when the air temp is over 40 degrees F. There have been a few times where the MIL disappears for a short time, but then returns on subsequent drives. Overall the car drives well; perhaps a slight loss of power. Diagnosis was cylinders 2 and 4 misfiring (P0302 and P0304). Replaced ignition coils and spark plugs upon recommendation, and had no change. Compression test was good, as well as oil separator diaphragm, and timing chain (replaced at 110K). I have had some conflicting ideas on the problem from friends, but wanted to try and get some other opinions, before emptying my wallet, or going to a VW dealership shop. I use 93 octane fuel, since purchasing the vehicle at 104K.
Any opinions or suggestions are welcome!

Thank you.
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