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First time VW guy

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I just bought a 1982 Rabbit Convertible, the previous owner put adjustable coil-overs on all 4 corners and wants them back, I like the look of the car lowered, however I don't want to spend a load of money on adjustable shocks and struts as I have no intention of racing at all, however that said I would like to know the pros and cons with this modification. The previous owner pulled the head off as well, I'm wondering if I can bump the cam profile up a little do increase performance since I have to assemble the top end anyway, does anyone have a suggestion on cam profiles or part numbers that will work with the stock valve train? Additionally this person removed the injection system as well so I"m planning on converting the car to a carburetor: Any advise? Where can I get reliable information regarding these question, I have purchased a couple of manuals and I'm trying to do my homework just very new to this field.
Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks I will add a picture soon
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Did you purchase the car with the price adjusted lower for him to get his shocks back? If not they are yours and if he wants them he should buy you new ones and put them on. They are not optional equipment like a power point accessory. They are a safety item.

Sounds like this is a non running car. Head off and all. You don't say if this is car is a gasser or diesel. I am thinking gas since you are asking about cam profiles. I can't help there I don't mod gassers, and the diesels I leave as they are.

Injection systems are far better than the carbs. Why do you think every car manufacturer now puts them in their cars? Fuel economy, performance, cleaner burn all positives that you should keep. Boo Hiss on the carb, so out of date.
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