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Flat spots on the tires of a 2019 Passat Wolfsburg?

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Hi there. I have a 2019 Passat Wolfsburg that I have had for 6 months with ~3500 miles on it. I am getting steering wheel vibrations above 60 mph. I took the car to the dealer who road force balanced the wheels. I now feel vibrations at lower speeds (~40 mph) and at higher speeds (60 mph and above). The dealer thinks there may be flat spots on the tires due to low mileage. While the car does have low mileage, it has not sat idle for a long period of time, my commute to work is very short. Does this sound realistic? Is there something else I should be thinking of that could be causing the vibrations?

Thanks for your help, Ben
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Any luck with this? I just got a 2019 Wolfsburg as well and we only drive about 7-8k miles a year.
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