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Frame Head replacement.

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Hi all

I am new to the beetle world but after stripping my 1969 bug to pieces I am looking for some help. I need to replace sections of the floor pan but the front frame head looks likes it gone as well. Looking for advice and help from people who have already replaced parts like this and maybe can lend a hand. The parts seem easy to source but replacing them is another challenge.
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If ure not mechanically inclined or have access to a welder ,best leave it to someone that can do it ,only reason I say this is for your own safety, if u can handle this then have at it and google can be ure best friend ,I've seen lots of vids on YouTube that have helped me ,wen I'm stumped....

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Have a welder and have done a few repairs in the past to a Mark 1 Escort I had. Just not worked on a many beetles so am looking for advice and help if local to be honest.
Kool ,also can u post pics of areas that need attention ,also if it's not large area u could also do carbonfiber

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