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fuel/water separator problems

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I think I have diesel fuel spraying from the fuel/water separator. I'm not sure if it's coming from the separator or from the filter housing itself. I've got the separator on as tight as I can by hand. Any suggestions?

Also, how do I drain the water from the separator?
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I don't know of a OEM water separator.
OEM water separator was the fuel filter on the passenger side strut tower. The filter has a drain on it at the bottom.
Now fuel hoses go bad.
The Banjo Bolts have Crush washers on them, they can be re-used but you have to re-condition them prior to re-use.
That is you have to file off any burrs and sand them shiny. After they are smooth and shiny hold them over an open flame till the dull or change color.

Napa, and other places sell replacement crush washers and that may be all you need. I never had any issues with WIX or NapaGold Fuel Filters.

If you have an external or non-OEM separator, we would need to see pictures.
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