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Gas pump nozzle shuts off repeatedly when filling tank

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We have a 2017 Beetle, 42k miles, just purchased used. We had it checked by AAA mechanic and he overlooked one relatively minor problem. The gas nozzle at pump will not stay on any more than a few seconds at a time. It keeps shutting off long before the tank is full.

I understand it is something wrong with the evaporation recovery. Plugged vent or faulty canister. Cannot find much guidance on where the vent(s) are located and how to access &/or replace the control cannister.

Any help/advice is much appreciated.
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My 2019 Tiguan,with 5000 miles does the same thing.Annoying,Thanks for the Evaporation tip.I will have mine checked at my next service.
I've experienced the same issue on my GT, since the first time I filled up and my service advisor told me to try setting the fill to the lowest setting. I've not had this issue since.
Typically the gas pump nozzle shuts off because the sensing port on the nozzle is blocked. There are a few good You-Tube videos (search under "How Nozzles Work", Husky Corporation has a good 3-minute one) that show where this sensing port is located. The port is simply a hole near the end of the nozzle and it needs to be clear where air or vapor can flow back. If it sees liquid it will block the gas flow and shut the nozzle off. Before spending any money bringing your car in for a technician to check, next time you get gas and it happens try to reposition the nozzle in your tank. The sensing port may just be sitting in an area where while dispensing fuel it gets a little backsplash making the nozzle think the tank is full.
Thanks for the input. It is good your service advisor had a suggestion other than bring it in for "diagnosis". In our case the nozzle shuts off after a few seconds no matter what rate have the flow at. Even just barely squeezing the handle with both hands for better control stays on for just a few pennies worth. But otherwise the car is great! :cool: thanks again!
Problem Solved. Finally I had time to take it to the dealer and left it for 3 days. They discovered a faulty check valve that is integral to the fuel tank. They replaced the whole thing at no cost. Apparently it is unique to California, our rep at the dealer said it's only covered if your car is registered in California.
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