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Hello people, new to this forum so please go easy on me.
I have a 2008 mk5 golf 2.0 gt tdi 140.
It has the now infamous idle wobble/judder and the occasional surging in the revs at 1500-2000rpm and long crank to start sometimes too.
codes I’ve had are for the camshaft position sensor, performance. P0341. But NO check engine light!!
I bought the car around 2 months ago and everything was fine, it has had a new IMF (throttle body) fitted and did have a new camshaft sensor fitted too however I was still getting the code for that so swapped it for a genuine vw sensor.
the code still comes back every time I drive it.
Does anyone have any idea what it could be? Possibly timing out ever so slightly is something I’ve read about. Would they run smooth and pull well when driving hard if the time was out?
Any help would be greatly received
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