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I am the owner of a Golf 8 R Line

VW decided to make all bulbs LED on the car except for the front indicators. Weird?

I went to change one yesterday and the holder is virtually impossible to remove. The manual says to pull it straight out and wobble it to make it easier. It wasn’t moving. I tried and tried until the bulb fell out of the holder and into the headlight unit, with the holder still in place.

At this point I called VW assist and explained the situation and they sent an AA patrol. The AA mechanic said he’d had an issue recently with a Skoda, and they’re pretty difficult to get out but once out they’re easier to remove in the future. He actually had to remove another part nearby to get a better grip on the bulb holder with the pliers. The thing eventually came out and with dedication he removed the bulb with some wire.

Has anybody else had similar issues with the Golf 8? I couldn’t find a single piece of information online regarding hints/tips to allow this bulb to come out easier.
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