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Hi there, my elderly father has decided at 90 to stop driving. He has a blue 5 door golf driver that has done just over 100,000 miles from new. The MOT runs out the end of the month, and he was going to scrap it. I told him to hold fire, while I checked with you guys to see if it is worth me trying to sell it? Thank you.

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AS long as it runs, and no rust, it's worth SOMETHING to someone...

Hell, if he's gonna scrap it, why not YOU take it and run it?

A friend, had a 1984 Plymouth Sundance, that he said needed
$800.00 worth of work to pass inspection; hood latch, windshield,
and a complete cat back exhaust. So, he said, he was just going
to donate it to charity. I said; "I'm a charitable kind'a guy..." He
said; "You want it?" I said, yep. Well, I put the hood latch in
myself (you fetch junk-yard), had another friend who owns a
muffler shop put the window in, exhaust on, inspect and emission
it for $295.99! About 6-months later, I lent it to my sister BY
law, she wrecked it and I got an $1195 check from her insurance
company. So, you mat get lucky...

Funny thing too, when I was taking out the hood latch from another
car, it was on TOP of another car, and the only thing I could stand on
was the front passenger side tire of the car under it. See where this
is going? Yeah, so as soon as I removed the latch, the tire rotated,
and down I went, between the tire and door... Heh Heh....

$1195 payout in the end, was well worth it.... Free car, free money...
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