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Very disapointed after my post last week, asking for advice regarding removal of CAVD engine, nothing zero /zilch /
,does anyone read these posts? Anyway, I took the plunge and removed the engine , took it out forwards after
removing headlights-radiator ect ect ,what I found is tedious is the endless amount of electrical plugs, which I may add can be at best fiddle to disconnect,,and the pipework too..vacumn water, the hardest plug to disconnect is the knock sensor, which is behind the supercharger, you have to remove engine and swing it round so you can access back of engine to remove supercharger then unplug it,I have now removed all pistons 3 had fallen apart and some rings in sump and in oil pick up screen,I am amazed at condition of all 4 bores , ie; not a mark anywhere, I have honed them all and look like brand new,compression test before removal was 75/68/130/65, I’m about to order a rebuild kit, $ 650 from an Australian supplier,ive never driven this car,, bought as a fixer upper, I’m hoping with 118kw it should be nippy ?
if and when this is repaired I’ll give an updated opinion, cheers guys,
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