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Hi everyone. Wanderin if anyone can help me out.
I've got a couple of faults on my Mk4 1.4 16v.
Here we go. Firstly My speedo is playing up.
It only goes up to 20 mph and then stops. The fuel gauge and all other dials are working fine.
Have been told by my local mechanic that the speedo might want re-calibrating as the gearbox has been stripped and rebuilt.

Second problem. I have just had the tracking done and now the steering wheel is not centered when the wheels are straight.

She has a few other problems but i am trying to tackle them one by one without the need for pulling the remaining hair out of my head.

I am not a mechanic but am not scared of getting my hands dirty.
I have just got rid of my pristine mk3 for this car and am starting to wish i hadn't.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

thanx guys
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