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Hi guys. New guy here to the forum and to the marque.
1st, sorry for the long post. I think it's better to do this all at once than to make several posts.

Let me start by saying i was never a big fan of vw and never owned one up until last year. Bought a Jetta 2.5 mk5 from a colleague that was going to move out of state. It wasn't cheap and it was ugly looking. A lot of the interior was bad and there was paint missing all over. I needed a daily and would not put those kind of miles on my italian classic. Did it for a couple of weeks but that's it.
But then i drove the Jetta.
Although its 150 000 miles and the auto transmission, it drove amazingly. Loved the torque of it. Amazing MPG for a 2.5. Can easily do a above 30mpg.

Don't discard this post yet. Questions are coming.

Anyway. Like always, transmission started acting up and i decided to shake this before i get stuck in traffic when it's 10F outside.
I was really impressed with the engine. Even a VW aficionado friend of mine, said it was one of the greatest vw engines. Most reliable and also most underrated. Honestly i thought there was no more 5cyl for a few decades already. Then i found this gem.
After a few weeks search i found one. Drove to upstate NY to get my 2012 Jetta 2.5 MANUAL. with 66 000 miles (if i can, i will never buy automatic again. Auto Transmission always gets bad way before the engine does).
If covid didn't take my smell away i'd swear the car smelled like new still.
Interior is NEW. Engine is absolutely amazing. but..... (here comes the questions)
There are a few things i find odd.
I feel a lack of power comparing to the MK5 i had before. I mean, i really have to be above 3000 rpm to feel the same torque as the MK5. Is there something i can look at?
I might have an electric/electronic gremlin somewhere. The reason for this is that i have connected the AP7610 ( ) and found out i had something wrong with my front left woofer (code 00870). It works perfectly. Something wrong with my radio (code 02635) It works perfectly. Something wrong with my door controls (03589 and 01331) All windows work but back left only from that seat and back right only from drivers seat. play protection (03224) no idea what that is. And something wrong with my engine control module (code 01314) Could that be the culprit for the lack of power?
Also, can't turn on DRL's. Tried the blinker way and the AP7610 way. Nothing. Looked in the manual for the fuse assignment (almost threw the damn thing away, can you believe there is no fuse sketch on the manual. I mean do you have to go to the dealer to change a fuse?)
Another weird thing. I use cruise control on my 60 miles commute sometimes, and whenever i curve to the right, i loose speed. on long highway curves i loose a good 5mph. As soon as the curve ends, i feel it accelerating.

I think i covered all.
Thank you in advance.

"can't be a true petrolhead without owning an Alfa Romeo"- Jeremy Clarkson
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