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I was seriously considering buying a 2009 CC so I did a little research, then discovered a known issue with CCs, and even a lawsuit about it. The complaints say that poorly-designed suspension causes accelerated and uneven tire wear, so bad that owners have to replace al the tires every few thousand miles. I don't know which model years were affected by this. From an article I just read:

"The alleged CC suspension issues are caused by the camber, which is the amount of angle the tire slants away from the vertical axis, but the incorrect camber causes the tires to cup and makes driving a dangerous chore.
The plaintiffs say a suspension system designed correctly allows technicians to adjust the camber when the cars go out of alignment, a common problem that can occur from normal use.
However, the lawsuit alleges the front camber on the CC cars cannot be adjusted at all, and the rear camber cannot be adjusted sufficiently to keep the tires from wearing. This causes owners to replace the tires, only to watch as the new tires wear down.
VW has allegedly offered no solution to the suspension and tire problems and has allegedly told dealers to conceal the defects by telling CC drivers the premature tire wear is caused by erratic driving or bad tires."

So now I'm thinking maybe I should avoid this model altogether, and maybe avoid VW if that's how they handle a defective product. Have any CC owners on here had this problem, or know any more about it? The article states: "The suspension lawsuit alleges one permanent solution is to remove the existing control arm assemblies and replace them with different control arm assemblies that allow for sufficient adjustments to the camber" – does anyoen know how expensive this is to replace? The car I'm considering really is a beauty, but I don't want to have to immediately make repairs on a car I just bought!
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