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Headlamp lenses

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Our Golf 7 is just four years old but the headlamp lenses are already losing their shine and becoming slightly opaque. I spoke to the dealer about this last time the car was serviced and he said that it was basically the sunshine denaturing the plastic. "Try to park out of the sun", was his suggestion! As my handle would suggest I live in Italy so rather easier said than done. Anybody have any tips on restoring their gloss and transparency? I wondered about buffing them with T Cut but I'd like to hear from someone who has restored these before I take the plunge. Ciao.
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I heard that there are some cleaning products for especially lense cleaning but you can also replace them too
I bought some Tutle Wax lens restoring product but unfortunately it did not do the trick in fact quite the opposite. The lenses are not oxidised/discoloured but are full of tiny micro-cracks which I think are as a result of the heat here and the requirement legally to drive with dipped headlamps. Happily I only tried the product on one lens as it is completely trashed. I've seen on the internet that just the lenses can be replaced but looking at them closely on the car I can't see how this could be achieved. If I could get this done it would certainly save some money.
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