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Hello from TLC

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Evening all,

Bought myself a low mileage 2.0 Beetle 8v last year for my daily 60+ mile commute to work. Only had 65k on the clock but hadn't been very well looked after. Terrible after market lights to start with, dirty interior and had clearly sat for a while but for £900 was worth a punt.

12 months on its in a different place mechanically. Currently off road undergoing a bit of work in my unit. I'm Teaching my son a few things whilst he saves for his first car (which will be VW or Seat).

Few upgrades include uprated shocks and springs, light weight pully's, brakes and a wonderful set of 18" wheels I bought off ebay for £60. Various other stuff including some custom styling inside and out.

Will try and get some pics up if anyone's interested. Be good to swap stories on personalisation and/or maintenance.

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