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I have been driving a 2009 Golf TSI 1.4 122Bhp (98k miles) for a month or so. In the past week, I have noticed most times, when the engine is at operating temperature and at idle, the amber engine light flashes for about 5/6 times, and then stops. I never seem to get the light when the engine is cold, only when it is at operating temperature. The light appears when the car is running but at idle (in a queue) or when the engine has been running and I’ve turned it off (popped into a shop) and when I’ve turned the car back on, the light appears (not when it’s turning over, probably around 5 seconds after the engine has started).

I’ve had the Golf plugged in and have received a P0303 code. I know this is a cylinder 3 misfire code. I’ve had the spark plugs and coil packs all replaced but the code is still appearing.

I would like to add that the car drives perfectly fine. I haven’t noticed anything wrong whilst driving the car, no jolting, no random stalling - it drives very smoothly.

The Golf will be getting a compression test soon, so hopefully this will narrow it down to what is causing the problem.

The timing chain hasn’t been replaced but I will be getting this done in a month or so.

Would you have any idea of what is causing this problem? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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