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Help! jetta 2017 front sunroof drain

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Hi---I've managed to pull out the front drivers sunroof drain tube! (as it exits in to the front dash)I can't see where it goes back in. 2017 Jetta. Does anyone know where it attaches to exit the vehicle? and the the best way to get to it. Thanks!
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Nobody knows
where the sunroof drains exit out the front of a 2017 Jetta?
When I serviced my 1981 Rabbit I had to pull the roof out and get the new tubes on then thread them back out the front. There is not a way that I can foresee that one could shove them back on without having hands on the hose and the little nipple from the corner of the sunroof.

Not really a hard task to do but then it was on a more basic model.
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Thanks, it's impossible to see or get hands on, so I just need to know where they exit.
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