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hi .. have an error P2015 intake manifold position !

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this is my first post i have golf gt 1,4 tsi 2008 and check engine lamp appeard nd obd reader show me error P2015 and i can feel the car is more heavier with little increase in fuel consumption

Help me how can i fix it DIY

thanx guys
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bu benim ilk yazım, golf gt 1,4 tsi 2008 var ve motor lambasını kontrol et ve obd okuyucusu bana P2015 hatasını göster ve yakıt tüketiminde küçük bir artışla aracın daha ağır olduğunu hissedebiliyorum

Bana yardım et kendin yap nasıl düzeltebilirim

Thanx çocuklar
Hi Sam,

It’s heavier because the Intake manifold flap is staying open and this should only happen when engine is switched off, sounds like you need to remove the manifold or get it overhauled this won’t be cheap because the labour is expensive.

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